Maggie Goodwin was gifted or cursed, depending on your point of view, with fantastic abilities of the mind. Though most would consider them a dream come true to Maggie they have been a nightmare.

It started with the voices. Maggie Goodwin could hear the thoughts of others whispered in her head. Headaches followed as she strained to keep out the maddening stray thoughts of those around her out. As her powers continued to develop, the pain of the headaches worsened as she struggled to hold the intruding voices at bay. Then, in what Maggie assumed must surely have been the final straw breaking her last grasp of sanity, objects around her began to levitate and move seemingly on their own accord whenever Maggie became agitated.

Maggie Goodwin’s powers have brought her nothing but pain. They have cost Maggie her family, her friends and her very life, as she knew it. But Maggie’s story is not over. Maggie is starting to realize that they have also brought her opportunity: specifically the opportunity to help those who have helped her.

Are Maggie Goodwin’s powers a blessing or a curse, a dream or a nightmare? The beautiful thing is that it will be Maggie’s choice. She will decide her future and only time will tell what that choice is.


Every boy, at some point, must decide what kind of man he is going to be. Though shaped by the world, pushed and pulled by life, he must determine what his course will be. Hollow never really thought about any of that until his life crumble around him.

Shaken to the very foundations of his being, Hollow had everything stripped from him: his family, his friends, and his very humanity. Like anyone would, he also lost all hope. But in that turmoil, he found something to hold on to and from that one thing he rebuilt himself.

Hollow emerged from the chaos stronger and more indomitable than ever not a boy but a young man. He is now shaped and guided by his own will and determination. He will fight for what is right, he will fight for others, and above all else he will never lose hope again. That is his vow.


Tough and tenacious, fast and ferocious, rough and rugged: these are all accurate descriptions of Rat. He is, obviously, the Omens go to fighting machine but what is not so obvious is the underlying kindness that is the very core of his being.

Born and outsider into a world that he was never meant to inhabit, Rat is the quintessential outsider. He doesn’t belong anywhere but unexpectedly, this has not jaded him. Instead it has instilled a deep empathy within him. Rat is always watching others observing and actively trying to understand them.

Based on his ability to see and understand others pain, Rat is big hearted. Though he has a deep endurance and tolerance to pain, he is far more likely to become enraged when witnessing others pain far more than he is when he is experiencing his own.


What makes us human? That is a question that is almost impossible to answer. Impact was once a bright young man full of questions and ideas. Uninterested in most of the distractions of modern life, as a young boy he was most content to keep his own company. He would sit happily lost in his thoughts with only his favorite red licorice vines as his companion.

That young boy changed. He grew wildly and immensely into the large lumbering giant that he is today.  He is now a creature of little more than instinct and reaction. Some would say he is no longer even human. All of his questions and contemplations are long forgotten and all that remains of the boy he once was is his love of sweet red licorice. But yet, it remains.


What is the value of a sense of humor?  Some would say it is priceless. When Luminous began to change, it was his anchor. The perennial class clown, he could make a joke out of anything or any situation no matter how inappropriate or dire.

The change from normal boy to glowing oddity of science appears to have had little effect on Luminous. Although he could never pass as normal, he is as close to normal as any member of the Omen. Luminous is a fan of video games, movies and pop culture.

Luminous is the self-appointed morale builder of the team. He often lightens the hearts of his teammates with his quick jabs or over the top jokes. It has been said that humor is often a mask for pain. If that is true what happens when a boy who has lost everything he ever had runs out of jokes?

In ancient times catching even a glimpse of a chimera was considered a portent of impending disaster. The coming of these hybrid creatures, a blending of species, often preceded the collapse of civilizations. Ancient texts record accounts of fallen Angels who sinned against birds, and beasts, and reptiles, and fish and taught the mixture of animal species to provoke the creator god.

In a struggle for military dominance mankind has once again sought the power and prominence of the chimeras of old. They have endeavored to trade humanity for tactical advantages. With great hubris they have ordained that they are no longer content to be the creation but have sought to become the creator. If man was to make a creation in our image what image will that reflect and will we like what we see?

Since very near the beginning of the great UFO flaps in the twentieth century, there have been accompanying accounts of strange Men in Black. These strange characters often described as being odd and somewhat inhuman are purported to have interrogated and intimidated witnesses to strange phenomena.

Some have claimed them to be operatives of the government; some have claimed them to be the aliens themselves. But, the stories of the strange mysterious beings with secretive and elusive ways date back far before the modern concepts of aliens.

Whether it is the deceitful Djinns or Genies of the Middle East, the devious fairies of Celtic lore or the Tricksters of Native American traditions, these bizarre, somewhat ethereal beings always leave those unfortunate enough to interact with them with an otherworldly sense of unease. The other striking consistent trait of the beings in these tales is the great pleasure these beings derive from taunting, tricking or otherwise torturing humans.



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